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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  November 20, 2014 4:00pm-4:56pm PST

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this is a fox news alert and by one hour president obama will sit in the east room of the taking on immigration. president obama's plan is expected to be the most sweeping executive action on immigration in decades. republicans are slamming the president's move as a giant power grab. some steps i can take to start fixing our broken immigration system. >> he is going to look at us in the eye and say screw you. this is what i think president going to do is well within his authority to do it. >> that is not how it works in coshocton.
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>> instead of the rule of law handling in our country today, now we are starting to have the rule of rulers. that's a total an tis sis on what our country was founded on. >> this is historic. we are going to it shoot the constitution full of holes tonight. >> what the president is doing is completely inconstitutional. >> he doesn't have that authority. >> i'm the president of the united states. i'm not the emperor of the united states. >> look to ronald reagan, your hero, look what he did. >> there is going to be a severe injury to our country tonight. >> we can't sit idlely by. >> the president just feels like he has to act. >> i waited long enough. well, that's what assess in a banana republic. >> this is constitutional vandalism. >> this is a big deal. >> and we are going to take you live to the white house and live to capitol hill for the very latest. first, representative jason chaffets, the incoming house oversight chairman joins us. nice to see you sir. >> good to be here. >> congratulations on your soonton chairmanship of
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house oversight. >> thank you, it's a big honor. >> tonight the president is going to speak on executive order o. your view? >> terribly disappointing when i first got elected in 2008 i actually asked for and was on the immigration subcommittee. the democrats who had the house, the senate, and the presidency, they had all the levers of power in washington, d.c. what did they do on immigration? nothing. they brought stephen colbert, one of the funniest americans out there they brought stephen colberert in front of that committee. they never did anything. six years this president never did anything. to sour the pot going into new congress is a distraction. it's not right for this country. it sends all wrong messages. and instead of working together with us. is he doing this. and it's just. >> the senate passed a bill some time ago, more than a year ago, and the house never took up that immigration bill? why not? >> they never actually sent it to us in the senate. remember it was my bill in the 112 bill sent to the senate. i think republicans did a terrible job not talking about it. dealt with high skilled
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immigrants. dealt with family-based visas. we need to tackle these issues one at a time. >> you are telling me the senate bill never its way from the u.s. senate to the u.s. house of representatives. >> they never sent it over it had a blue slip problem. funding problems with it. nevertheless, there are those of us that believe we have to tackle and fix legal immigration. but this is not the way to do it. you are creating this amnesty for these people and it's making it more painful to go through the legal lawful way and it just sours the pot for actually going to meaningful immigration reform through the proper channels. >> why is the the president doing this and why tonight? >> because he just got slaughtered in an election. it's crystal clear. it's all about politics. the american people want us to be working together. i disagree with the president pretty much everything. but there are things we can probably come together and do to fix legal immigration. that should be the mantra. but that's not what this president wants. we want to put american
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people back to work. do you think this is going to help do that? no, it's not. >> what are republicans going to do. >> there is a lot of different things we can do in terms of power of the purse. there are legal channels and things we can pursue. we have got to be careful not to so-called take the bait here and try to get into this scuffle that is a distraction from doing all the things we want to do and we're elected to do in this upcoming 114th election. we have got it to pursue them all and do it as swiftly as possible. >> give me a tease. what do you do as chairman of house oversight? >> waste, fraud, and abuse. we are going to get after that expose sunlight on the problems that are out there. and pursue other things that darryl isis started in terms of the irs and fast and furious and trey gowdy is handing the benghazi select committee there are a lot of ongoing investigations there are things that we have been working on for a year that you haven't heard about and come back and talk about. >> i'm curious in terms of this jonathan gruber, is there -- is that going to be
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part of your oversight? have you thought about that? will he be summoned to testify about obamacare? >> it's definitely in the realm of possibilities. other chairman like paul ryan in ways and means and others i need to coordinate with so that we are attacking this properly. but you can't have somebody that outrageous making those types of statements and expect that congress is just going to ignore it somebody is going to take that on. it might be our committee. it might be another. >> congressman, nice to he see you, sir. >> thank you, greta. >> next time i assume be calling you mr. chairman. >> call me jason, please. >> thank you, sir. fox white house chief correspondent ed henry is at the white house where right now president obama is getting ready-to-a threats nation. ed, what can we expect? >> greta, good to see you. putting the final touches on it as we speak. bottom line is they have just released some excerpts of what the president is going to say. why that is significant is it gives you a taste of what the president wants to exercise. doesn't give you the other side but what is he is going to do. two points is he emphasizing that executive action has been taken by republican
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presidents before him. we have heard this talking point from the white house before. i think the challenge for him tonight is, yes, other presidents have taken executive action on immigration but not to this extent. not protecting up to 5 million illegal immigrants and giving them some legal status to stay in the country. that will be an uphill battle for him. seconds release and excerpt they put out is the president saying that this is not amnesty because the real amnesty, he will say, based on this excerpt tonight, is that to leave the current broken system in place. the president saying look you have all these illegal immigrants. they are in the shadow. they are not paying taxes if you get them out of the shadows they will actually pay in the system and become hard working taxpayers that are part of society. again, of the challenge for the president though is that may make sense but the fact that he is doing it and going it alone might poison the well before the new congress has even taken, you know, hold and been sworn in just yet. that's why i'm told tonight the president -- this is just the beginning, greta. this is going to be the first speech. to las vegas tomorrow to begin selling this and his
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aides telling me will be hitting the roads in the weeks ahead trying to sell this policy. that's why it tells me they know it's uphill battle. >> when does it actually get signed? tonight or tomorrow? >> good question because the indications we he have gotten is that he is probably going to sign it in las vegas tomorrow. is he going to be going to a school where he had given a big speech a couple years ago laying out what he wanted from congress. is he is going to stay tomorrow, of course, i didn't get it so that's why congress didn't act i'm moving forward. he is not signing executive orders, we're told. they are presidential memos. maybe just a technicality the reason why that is significant is it is not an actual executive order as has been first alert forecast memos to homeland security secretary jay johnson, for example, saying you need to show more discretion with the border patrol agents. they shouldn't be chasing illegal immigrants that have parking tickets. chase down illegal immigrants and make the border more secure by going after illegal immigrants who are parts of gangs or terror suspects. obviously they should have been doing that before. one of the questions from
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congress in the days ahead is why did the president have to put a memo out telling the border patrol to focus more on hardened criminals who are illegal immigrants instead of others, greta. that will be one of the questions. >> ed, thank you, we will be waiting to see what the president says. republican lawmakers though are furious tonight, vowing to fight back against the president going alone and using executive action or presidential memos. fox news chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel continues our coverage live from capitol hill. mike? >> greta, leading republicans and some others here on capitol hill are critical, saying instead of working together, president obama is going it alone. house speaker john boehner says that is not the way our democracy works. boehner notes the president says he is not king or emperor but says mr. obama is sure acting like one. and the speaker says the american people want nothing more than for elected officials to work together. senate republican leader mitch mcconnell says the president's action would reject the voice of the voters and wouldn't pose new unfairness on law abiding immigrants without solving
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the problem. in fact, mcconnell says this executive action is more likely to make the problem even worse. the man who will be the new majority leader in a new congress is promising congress will act likely a lawsuit or trying to find a way to restrict funding. it's not just republicans who are criticizing the executive action. west virginia democrat joe manchin says he disagrees with the president's decision to use executive action. manchin says he also disagrees with the house, not even giving a vote on the bipartisan senate bill overwhelmingly passed in june 2013. expect more reaction from house speaker john boehner. is he due to address reporters. first thing in the morning. greta? >> mike, thank you. and republican lawmakers not the only one blasting the president's executive action. a california sheriff has also a strong message for president obama. he posted it it online and now his message is going viral. >> it is your singular failure alone as to we do not yet have reform. why america continues to be
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at risk and new crimes and new victims are mounting each and every day in every single state. >> and joining us our political panel "the weekly standard's" john mccormick, "the washington examiner" susan ferrechio and "washington times" stephan diane. we have not executive orders. they are calling them presidential memos. that's what ed says. >> right. that's exactly what he did in 2012 when the policy for dreamers, the coca ordered homeland security to take these steps. look, most of these illegal immigrants we are talking about here, they were never in danger of deportation under the president's previous policies, the so-called morton memo that dhs issued back in 2011, i believe. what the key about what is happening tonight is the president is going to give up to about a million work permits. really the extra benefit and the work authorization that they get that's the real change here in policy. part of that is allowing them to pay taxes. also allows them to legally compete with native born workers for some of those
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jobs. >> susan, it seems like a lot of this is politics. i mean, maybe more -- >> sure. >> i don't know what else to make of this one tonight. asking for air time. >> and his going to hit his target audience is going to air during the latin grammies. he is going to it hit home with the people he is trying to show that he is doing something on immigration. they were very disappointed they didn't goat take action before the election. of course it's politics. i think the timing is very political. he is doing this now before the congress has passed a resolution to keep the government funded through the end of the year. i think that's going to keep republicans fighting amongst themselves, that's a win-win for democrats. he could have waited -- there is no harm in waiting another few weeks until after they passed this resolution to fund the government. he is doing it now and doing it in a way that is only going to incite a lot of anger and i think it's true. it will make it harder for a much larger comprehensive bill eventually to pass through congress either in
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partly sunny pieces or one big bill. >> the biggest issue here is not how you feel about immigration but how you feel about the rule of law and constitution. president obama himself, by his own words, is he doing something that is unconstitutional just in 2013 he said he would use his administrative authority as far as he could go. he would stretch it out. you know, i can't do things like that because i'm not a king. when you hear republicans saying the things that president is acting like a an emperor and i can't be a king. he they go back and quote him about the argument he made about what he is doing. >> he seems to have discretion over who is going to be depoor thed and not. that's prosecutorial discretion. if he is giving them work papers. that's taking it a step farther. isn't that where the line is drawn right there? that's not -- that's more of a legislative function. >> that is where the line is drawn. that's where things have been less clear. stephan illuminated it all very nicely. >> now we finally get it. >> these people, the argue. is that many of these folks are not being deported. however, if you talk to legislation advocates they would say deportation its
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are happening and families are being separated. there is an argument on the other side of that a the love the argument is about now they are going to be able to work and be part of our workforce. >> panel, as we stand by we are waiting for the president. let's talk about one other topic and that's making a big political punch. obama architect jonathan gruber calling americans stupid o'er and over and over again. >> call it the stupidity of the american voter or whatever, but basically that was really, really critical to getting the thing to pass. >> americans are too stupid not to. >> very clever, you know, basic exploitation of the lack of economic understanding of the american voter. >> but i would rather have this law than not. >> and the gruber controversy already heating up and spreading now to louisiana tight senate race. now, freedom partners action fund releasing an ad tieing democratic senator mary landrieu to it gruber. >> senator mary landrieu sold obama to us the washington way, with false promises and deception. and obamacare's chief actor tech admits it. >> lack of transparency, the stupidity of the american
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voter. that was really, really critical to getting this thing to pass. >> john, first to you i should point out that senator mary landrieu a year ago released a bill to ensure if you life your healthcare you can keep it. she tried to -- she has tried to but now she is getting tied to it. >> she has tried to. why didn't she try to do it before it became law. if this was so important. >> she didn't read it, nobody did. >> senate floor she said the exact same thing the president did. if you like your plan you can keep your plan. now she is down 11 points, 16 points, depending what poll you look at. i think she should have thought about these things before the law passed and not after. >> i mean, i wish somebody, stephan, had read this bill before it passed. >> gosh, i remember writing a story. the republicans actually the day that the bill was passing they had a stack of the bill every single one of their tables there.
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colleagues, sure enough we went ahead in the senate and passed it on christmas eve. i was there covering it and it was sort of surreal and we are now stuck with all of the details in it. what's in it yet. still very complex. >> i mentioned on this show before, which is that jonathan gruber didn't just dupe the public. he did also dupe lawmakers. they look to at him as the go-to guy on, this expert on this. >> wait a second, they had so much responsibility lawmakers,. >> i'm not saying they not. >> but they rely upon these strategists these consultants to sell the legislation. >> why -- if they are not going it read anything,. >> they sell it to the lawmakers. that's why they bring them into the conferences and say hey listen to this expert. this is how the law is going to work. >> nothing he is saying is any different from what we already knew about the law.
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yes they gimmicked it in order to get it through the cbo. yes, they had to make certain claims we knew wouldn't pan out in order for voters not to repel against it i don't think anything he said is particularly surprising to us. what is surprising is he is admitting yeah we pulled the war over to get it done. they knew it was a tax. well, the people who voted, they lost their jobs. a lot of democrats in 2010, obviously 2014. >> landrieu down double digits already. >> panel, thank you. listen to, this senator john mccain who knows the war up close president obama's isis strategy reminds him of vietnam. senator mccain goes "on the record" next. how much more can we take? and it's only november. a blizzard, more snow on the way. and then no sooner will that stop, we have another huge problem. flood. the weather threat is pummeling the nation. rick reichmuth tracks the winter storms. breaking news tonight.
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we are about 40 minutes out. president obama is about to address the nation. he will announce his presidential memo or executive action. however you want to characterize it on immigration that is setting many on fire. our live coverage continues coming up. thank you for being my hero and my dad. military families are uniquely thankful for many things, the legacy of usaa auto insurance could be one of them. if you're a current or former military member or their family, get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night,nd. and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24, a circadian rhythm disorder that affects up to 70 percent of people who are totally blind. talk to your doctor about your symptoms
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>> well, you look at the things that they are doing gradual first 500 troops on the ground first no troops on the ground and then 500. additional 1500. gradually escalating the air activities. not having sufficient boots on the ground to make it effective. it's not exact parallels but one of the parallels that's most interesting, greta, is i was in a panel last weekend with secretary gates and secretary panetta. both of them complained bitterly about the micromanagement from a small
4:22 pm
group of people n the white house making these decisions disregarding the advice and council of our military leaders that's what really alarming. >> yes, last night here on this program, catherine herridge, my colleague reported about a gitmo detainee who was al qaeda. he was released and he has joined isis and is he the chief recruiter but he is doing it from pakistan. does this mean isis may have moved on to pakistan because i think that's alarming if that's happened. not even contained in syria and iraq. >> well, as you know, remnants of al qaeda, parts of al qaeda were always in pakistan. they moved over from afghanistan they are there associated with the haqqani network. i think it's obvious. i think -- look, it's spreading everywhere. as you know the leader of
4:23 pm
the radical islamic group in egypt announced their allegiance to isis. isis is winning. i have within told 18,000 europeans and outsiders and foreign ares are fighting on the side of isis. while we are talking about possibly a year or more before we could even take mosul, this this is urch folding testimony to this president's indecision. and fecklessness, we are going to pay a very heavy price for it. let me turn your attention to iran. can any dealen reached with iran on nuclear enrichment that doesn't have the stamp of approval on capitol hill? can the president do it alone? >> the president is going to try he to do it alone if they can get it by the way, when i hear that secretary of state kerry is flying some place to try to negotiate, it sends a chill
4:24 pm
up my spine. i'm telling you it is obvious they are desperate for a deal and misguided belief that somehow they do that and things are going to be fine with iran in the world. it's delusional, but, no, i don't think they can make a good deal. and already they have. >> can they make a deal without you? can they make a deal without capitol hill? can the president do that? >> i do not believe so. but right now they are calling it that. and that's why we are going to have to have the legislation which senator lindsey graham and others and it was broad bipartisan support by democrats as well. this walks like a duck and it quacks like a duck. it's a treatedy. it's not an agreement. it's a treaty and must be in my view, ratified by the senate of the united states. we have to pass legislation to make that happen right now i'm worried about one of these last minute, 11th hour
4:25 pm
deals that will be very, very bad. >> as i look at it from afar, it seems that the united states, the obama administration is trying to negotiate something so that they have minimal uranium enrichment so they can do it it for peaceful purposes, but then i heard prime minister netanyahu before the general assembly say, at least last year, and probably this year, is that zero enrichment is what -- is the only thing israel can live with. so now what? >> it's the only thing that we should live with. if you are going to let them have centrifuges which can make this material. then it's a matter of not weather, it's a matter of when. and it will, by the way, destabilize even further the middle east these other countries will be be acquiring a nuclear weapon. in fact, i think the saudis could purchase one from a country we just talked about in very short order. look, this is a very, very bad deal in the making. and whenever you do these things at the absolute last minute, they always turn out badly. could i mention something
4:26 pm
about immigration real quick before we -- i know i'm running out of time here with you. >> go ahead. >> the president time after time said that he did not have the authority to make the changes that he is making now. nothing changed except an election. and the president is now going to, in my view, the only explanation i have for this action is that he is trying to regain the political support of the hispanic voter because his eye is on 2016. this is terribly regrettable. and i'm happy to note that most americans think this is an unconstitutional act. and we republicans have to be careful how we react but we have to react. >> well, senator, we are going to hear from the president shortly. we will find out what he has to say. thawmpleg, sir for joining us. >> thank you, greta. straight ahead, we have a big problem. the nsa director just confirmed our power grid is at risk. catherine herridge has the latest on that next. breaking tonight we are
4:27 pm
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4:31 pm
is what people have said privately within the intelligence community for some time is that a handful of nations, including china, already have the capability to disrupt or take down the power grid in this country. >> what happens if they do that? >> well, one of the reasons it hasn't happened is that they are equally afraid of the u.s. using the same kind of offensive technology against them. if the power grid goes down, we kind of have a repeat of what we saw in like 2003-2004 on the east coast of the united states. just like a major system failure it will take a number of days to bring it back up. >> it almost has the experience of like the cold war and pointing nukes at each other and no nobody wants to press the button. a supporter of creating a framework. laws of war for the cyber realm. he says there are no rules right now. he supports something that would prevent countries from, let's say, attacking the first responder system or emergency response system. that would be offer limits.
4:32 pm
that's nation to nation. can you have some guy sitting alone in the cafed in the northern mountains of pakistan who can do this? >> that's not possible but what he said today is that he they are seeing what amount to cyber hit teams that are striking temporary alliances with criminal as i understand cats. nation states to come in and do a job. to sort of knock down a certain capability. so that already exists but the idea that a single person would be able to do that i think, is still farfetched. >> see, that's what terrifies me more. because the nation is always. >> we don't want you to be. >> they do saber rattling at each other and don't do anything. the nations don't do it. they just antagonize each other. if one person could do it from some coffee shop internet cafe. >> that's what we learned today. >> that's bad. anyway, catherine, thank you for that great news. i appreciate that great news. it's horrible. if u. think a cyber attack would not have a direct impacted on you, well, think again. and go listen to greta talk because there is a podcast with cyber security expert
4:33 pm
began wright, can you find greta talk on i students and stenture on your phone and it's fry. find out why you should care about this. gunman opens fire. a shooter a lawyer. three students awarded bullets hearing chilling announcement. >> stay where you are. we will be coming to each floor clearing and taking care of anybody. if anybody has l. has been shot, calall 91 on your cell phone. >> and tonight, news that the shooter is a lawyer and graduate of the college from fox miami reporter is live on the scene in tallahassee. alex, why -- >> -- there is the strozier library here in tallahassee where this shooting all took place. three people shot early this morning about 12:30. two have since been released from the -- one has been
4:34 pm
released from hospital. two others still hospitalized at this hour. and we can tell you the shooter, according to tallahassee police, is myron may. he was shot and killed by officers as he came out these steps early this morning. he had shot at officers. officers returned fire. he is a 2005 graduate of florida state university. and he had recently got a law degree from texas tech university. he was licensed to practice in texas. however, he was currently living in new mexico. tallahassee police held a news conference this afternoon where they basically secretary of defense they believed that he was suffering in a state of crisis and paranoia. they say they had recently found journals where myron may had written about being followed and also had made some videos. as for why exactly he did this, this really isn't known because this all may have died with him and it is
4:35 pm
really shaken campus. fsu is a tight knit community here in florida's capital. >> al, will he, the two that are still in the hospital i neglected to ask about them. i should have asked. how are they. >> i'm sorry, one more time? >> how are the two who remain in the hospital? are they expected to live? >> from what we understand, both are being treated at tallahassee memorial hospital. one in critical condition. we actually talked to one student today here in the library. she told me she saw one of the wounded students was shot in the leg. but from all indications we're getting right now is that the two reho remain in the hospital may just be okay. again, one other has been released. >> alex, thank you and i'm sorry for that awkward delay in the satellite. thank you, alex. and well, this is getting
4:36 pm
worse. neighborhoods already buried under 6 feet of snow. and getting ready for more. there is more dangerous weather in the first alert forecast. rec reichmuth has the very latest next. plus, breaking news. we're about 25 minutes away from president obama addressing the nation. he will be speaking from the east room at the white house. as you know, the president has been warning republicans that he will take executive action on immigration or presidential memo and the republicans have warned they are going it fight back. more live coverage coming up.
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this is a fox news alert. more dangerous weather threatening parts of the country already buried under 6 feet of snow. you don't have to live in buffalo to feel their pain. what is next rick reichmuth is here with the latest. rick? >> isn't it amazing if you go outside and six inches of snow make it tough to modify around. one town in new york hamburg new york 7 feet of snow from last couple of days of lake-effect snow. still seeing this right here.
4:41 pm
beginning to see the end of this event. this has been going on all week long. it has been probably about 10 days since we have seen any legitimate sunshine across this area. today we had one more very heavy snowfall band set up right here to buffalo and points to the south that also means orchard park where the buffalo bills play their games h a game scheduled sunday. decided it will not be played in buffalo sunday. 71 inches of snow in orchard park. absolutely impossible to get the stadium clean and players and spectators in as well. drift south overnight. by tomorrow night and midday still see a few snow flurries. then we start to get a bit of a break by friday night. take a look at this. rain moves in on saturday. not snow, greta. we are talking about rain. and we are going to be talking about a big warm-up. one more cold day in buffalo, 26 tomorrow and start to see things really imsaturday 39. sunday 43. and monday, take a look at
4:42 pm
that 58 degrees. one bad part, little bit too much melting too quick. could be looking at some pretty killing can't flooding with rain much. and these kind of warm temperatures, that turns into ice, greta, then after that we freeze things down again by wednesday so we could be looking at significant ice setting there for a very long time. >> rick, thank you. >> you bet. now to mexico where thousands of protesters are marching on mexico city. outraged over the government's handling of the mass murder of 43 students. mexico's attorney general admitting police handed over the 43 students to a drug cartel on the orders of a local mayor and his wife. for the very latest "new york times" bureau chief randy archibald joins us from mexico city. randy, what's going on there? >> greta, tonight, there are three large demonstrations converging on the historic center of mexico city for mass protest to send a message to the government that people are very frustrated and angry over this case over the impunity and lawlessness that they
4:43 pm
see in many parts of mexico. >> what is is the president's reaction to this, if any? >> well, the president was away in china for about a week when anger was swelling and building over. this and there were smaller demonstrations culminating in a very large one tonight. is he back now. he came back over the weekend. and he has said that he feels the pain that mexico is feeling. and he is urging that these protests be peaceful and should be noted so are the parents of the students who are missing. they have asked for peaceful demonstrations. there are some radical elements in the proceed test who are taking advantage and causing some vandzism and other damage. >> now the students are missing. but, i mean, 43 students is sort of hard to hide. they are missing and they have arrested a mayor and his wife and i think even a police chief has been implicated. i mean, what is the story behind this? >> well, the leading theory that the government has is that the police in this town
4:44 pm
rounded up these mexican students turned them over to a drug gang. the drug gang killed them and burned them. you might ask why. the mayor and police force basically acting in concert with an organize od crime group and the mayor was agitated and afraid that the students were going to disrupted a speech that his wife who had political aspirations was going to give. i mean, it clearly was a situation that got very much out of control. and the leading theory, based on people who have confessed to investigators is that the students were killed and their remains were burned. the government is doing testing on some ashes and bone fragments that they found, high tech lab in austria is now testing those remains to see if, in fact, it correspondence to any of the missing students. but, most people believe these students are presumed dead. >> randy, thank you, what a terrible story. 43 students, just a horrible
4:45 pm
story. randy, thank you. >> thanks, greta. >> and in just minutes, president obama will get in front of the tv cameras and announce his expush forexexecute action. first karl rove joins us here "on the record." that's next. go subscribe right now to greta talk. new podcast on i students and stenture. search on iphone or android device and subscribe right now and get greta talk anywhere, any time. and best of all, it's free. (receptionist) gunderman group. gunderman group is growing. getting in a groove. growth is gratifying. goal is to grow. gotta get greater growth. i just talked to ups. they got expert advise, special discounts, new technologies. like smart pick ups. they'll only show up when you print a label and it's automatic. we save time and money. time? money? time and money. awesome. awesome! awesome! awesome! awesome!
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4:50 pm
karl rove joins us. good evening, sir good evening, griftd. >> one does the president have the authority to do this and secondly what does he gain by this? the president does not have the right to rewrite our immigration laws and declare that a whole class of people are by his authority alone exempt from the enforcement from our immigration laws. this is really breathtaking and it's in its extent the president is on record at lease 20 times saying he doesn't have the authority to do. this so 16 days after an election, which his party is badly beaten, the president is doing this for political reasons. my sense is, this greta. my sense is that the president is likely to suffer badly in the short run. and is going to be even worse off in the long run. and whether the republican party suffers in this depends upon two things. one is that if the republican party overreaches in its rhetoric or its actions. or second of all republican
4:51 pm
house and senate want to do and what the chairman of the house judiciary committee has spent the last two years working on which is is if the republicans fail to move forward with own legislation secure the borders, resolve the issues of the people here illegally and resolve the issue of what to do about guest workers except he thinks this is a what you unsuccessful battle and put himself back in political game in washington. >> he gave the immigration speech in july of 2010. both the house and democrats and senate democrats he didn't move on this then. i couldn't figure out why. i know there were other things going on why didn't he move then? i have a different view. i don't think he really cares about the issue. i don't think he moved on it in 2009 and 2010 because he would rather have this
4:52 pm
around for political reasons than resolve it. he sat in the cabinet room of the white house and told the president of the united states that he was a strong supporter of comprehensive immigration reform and then when the vote came around on behalf of the labor unions to gut the guest worker provisions of the comprehensive immigration reform. and he did so without ever telling the white house he was going to go back on his word let alone telling the sponsors of the bill senator kennedy and senator mccain. my view he is undependable on this issue. can he say one thing and do another. he didn't do anything in 2009 and 10 because it really is not that important to him except in a political context. he acted in 2012 when he was worried about losing the hispanic vote e he is acting today tom draw attention away from recent loss in the election and make himself relevant in washington. >> i guess i'm sort of
4:53 pm
shocked that he was having this conversation in 2005 and 2006 and voted against the amendment. you think you were shocked. can you imagine the white house because he sat in the cabinet room and told president bush i'm a strong supporter of this. i appreciate your leadership on this and thank you for bringing this together and then turned around and voted for killer amendments. i remember sitting in my office when world are came when he was voting for killer amendments. my jaw drop because he said one thing and did another. i think it showed this issue from his perspective is all about politics. and appeasing people that he sees on the left wing of the democratic party whether it's labor unions back then or latino activists today. >> do you think happy with what he is doing tonight? look at the numbers don't seem particularly happy with the polls that he is doing it this way? >> look, it's going to get worse. because we are a nation of laws. and, even people who support, look, i'm an advocate of comprehensive immigration reform. i think we need to resolve in a humane and practical
4:54 pm
way of status of people who are here. we need to do it this in a way our founders intended in the constitution of the united states. we are not a monarchy. we are not an empire ruled by some emperor who seated himself on the throne in washington, d.c. for the president to do this in my opinion. provokes unnecessary constitutional crisis as well as unnecessary political battle. >> karl, thank you, we will be watching what the president says in just six mints, thank you, karl. >> thank you, greta. >> and coming up, i'm going to talk to you off-the-record. i will tell you why the president's speech tonight san admission of failure and just a poke in the eye. that's next.
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